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WS Wanderers - Sydney FC Prediction, Picks and Taips

With the statistics of both teams this forecast is heads or ends, but since the market is made of foxes, the little I find I am going to take out. On the one hand we have the local, the WS Wanderers, and with him are all negative news. If we look at the games between them we continue to be demoralized because without going any further on February 28 they beat them at home 0-1, and in 2019 in their fief 1 victory 1-0, and a draw 1-1, so they have 3 games without score 2 goals. And finally, to finish verifying the madness of the forecast, to say that WS occupies the 8th place in the classification, 2pts from the playoffs, so that their need for victory is great and knowing Sidney's scoring ability, it is to be expected that defensively they will pay special Attention.

But since life is not all bad news, let's look at Sidney's numbers, since as a visitor in 9 games he has 22 goals, and although it is true that last year was not a suitable field, he came from 3 consecutive visits winning and scoring 3, 3, and 5 goals. These are the results as a visitor in his 9 matches: 1-4, 0-3, 0-3, 1-2, 2-2, 0-2, 1-3, 1-0, 2-3. In 8 games we would have 8 green and the only red precisely against his rival, and although Sidney is 1st in the standings and the points are superfluous I suppose and I hope that they will want to tell WS who is the boss and to lower their smoke, while They will want a rematch because, as I mentioned recently, they lost at home against them. The good thing is also that they can face the duel from the tranquility, being able to deploy all their offense and going for the game. They come from tying at home 0-0 against perth Glory and they have to go back to the goal path, and since they did not score, the chances that they will do so in the next one do.

As you can see here everyone can do their reading, one based on the premises with a certain pessimism and another based on the visitor with a certain optimism. For that we are going to deceive ourselves, everyone has risk, but if I have to bet on teams like the Chinandega I know that it exists because my neighbor is from there (he has eggs how small the world is) I prefer to bet on a team that if you have a normal day you can do it calmly, after I win or it doesn't matter to me. Of course the quota is not bad at all and although it indicates the difficulty it also rewards us for the risk assumed. Finally to say that I believe that they are going to achieve it and for that reason I assume the risk. Minimum stake, how could it be otherwise.
Our recommendation tip for WS Wanderers - Sydney FC: BTS / YES @ 1.57