West Bromwich Albion team manager, Gabriel Tamas satisfied

Gabriel-Tamas Manager Steve Clarke was satisfied with the developments Gabriel Tamas from West Bromwich Albion, but admitted that the Romanian 29-year-old is the third version, after the Englishman Gareth McAuley and Jonas Olsson Swede. Integralist the fourth time for West Bromwich, in the failure of the move, Manchester United, 0-2, defender Gabriel Tamas gave no reasons for dissatisfaction manager Steve Clarke, who admitted, however, that the ex-Dinamo used only particularly loaded because racing program. "We are part of the entertainment industry and had to play this game to entertain people, but the problem is that the pace of competition is much too alert and appear such matches in which errs much. The match itself was not conducted at an intensity too great. Gabi Tamas was done well defensively, played as it usually does. Let us not forget that it is a Romanian international. He is an experienced player, has extensive experience in the back. Every time I used the service, has done an excellent job. He has not been in good form the team because of McAuley and Olsson's. But it is there when we need it and that is important. This is one of the reasons why I think we have a good team and a valuable lot, "said Steve Clarke, according to the official website of WBA. Match at "Old Trafford" was ninth for Gabriel Tamas this season, who has played in two Cup matches, where managed competition and scored the goal of Liverpool. Most use the defense of the WBA are the Englishman for 33 years Gareth McAuley and the Swede 29-year-old Jonas Olsson (each 19 matches in the championship), the Englishman for 28 years Liam Ridgewell (15 matches) and Englishman 25 years Billy Jones (13 games).