OFFICIAL, Hull City, for sale since April!

hull Owner English team Hull City, Assem Allam, said on Thursday that put the club up for sale in April after The Football Association (FA) refused her request to change the name of the group in Hull Tigres. "I said this year that the group will be for sale if our attempt to promote Hull Tigers as a brand and as the club's new name will fail. FA following the decision of 9 April, I announced on April 10 - after 22 hours - as Hull City is for sale, "said the businessman of Egyptian origin, according to Assem Allam, aged 75, bought Hull City in December 2010. At that time, the club was in the second echelon. Now Hull City Premier League evolves. Allam's desire to change the name of the club Hull City has sparked discontent supporters, who formed a group called "City to death". Assem Allam reason that wants to change the team name would be that the name is common City, while Hull Tigers would be more attractive. After three rounds elapsed before the new season of English football championship (Premier League), Hull City occupies the 9th place in the rankings with a win a draw and defeat.