Newcastle – Tottenham Picks & Prediction

Newcastle - Tottenham Prediction, Picks and Tips

Suavecito but I think we have to try it, we are going to look for 45 passes for the central Tottenham that is presumed titular since they arrive with a few low. They face a team that does not like possession with another, quite the opposite. Last season Newcastle finished in this section in 18th place with an average of 43.8%.

Tottenham finished 2nd only surpassed by the Guardiola team, with an average of 58.8%. The local Newcastle did not raise much possession as it stood at 44.6%, while the visiting Tottenham, also did not go down much remained at 57.7%. I hope that this season they continue with the same style of play regarding possession. More possession implies more passes, now we go with Aurier's particular statistics. Last season averaged 45.6 passes per game (played 16) just the line they propose, but I think that when facing a team that does not like to have the ball and be the first of the season, the central players will touch the ball more normal and we can overcome this line.

By the way Tottenham is the only team that has not signed or sold to anyone, so they have the same players, so the statistics are reliable. Presumably the Tottenham will come out with this defense: Davies-Peters (Vertonghem) -davinson-Aurier, since he has 16 casualties for this match, among them Alderweireld, in other places they give him that he plays central right. However it goes, I think that in both positions it can overcome the line. To finish saying that in last season's match in Newcastle, Tottenham got 73% possession and Alderweired made 102 passes, Peters 54 (the two right wing defense) but it is that those on the left side made 87 and 78 respectively.
Our recommendation tip for Newcastle - Tottenham: Tottenham to win @ 2.07