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The numbers are the numbers and already simply offers value by paying over 50%. Without the numbers, or looking at them out of the corner of the eye, if we look at the classification and results and we have to do a reading, well ... I see a very solvent Taiching Future, a renewed team that this season is in 3rd place rubbing shoulders with the most powerful in the country, of his matches he has not lost any, and has played against the other 4 best teams (0-0) (0-1) (2-2) and (1-1), the other 2 matches have been against lower teams ( 4-0) (2-1) they beat him in the 89 'anecdotally. The results say it all, it is a renewed team and wanting to fight with the greats.

And Ming Chuan you have already seen the results, it is a discreet team, inferior to Futuro, everything that is not a win of Futuro would be a surprise.

So, beyond the fact that Futuro should come out as it is today, showing solvency and leaving goal to zero; We also have options with an even and tight match, where 2 local goals would also enter us as it has done a couple of times. We get 2 options, (3 or 5 goals) that would mean that Future has risen to the vine and this option is the one I least have to contemplate, and 1 goal.
Our recommendation tip for Ming Chuan University - Taichung : BTS / YES @ 1.72