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Millonarios - U. Magdalena Prediction, Picks and Tips

I go with this pick that to see the green we need to show at least 7 cards.

Group A match of the Águila home runs, they face the big favorite to take the Millonarios and Unión Magdalena tournament, which has been the big surprise of the tournament, Millonarios with the intention of continuing adding to be the leader of the group and what better To do it at home against the colero, Union Magdalena need to add to continue with aspirations to reach the final, the game I hope that the 2 teams go out to look for a favorable result and in case any one is able to overtake in the scoreboard the fouls will begin for defending the result, although I do not rule out that it may have been beaten by Millonarios, we hope that Union Magdalena will manage to hold the match.

The referee will be Nicolas Gallo, with him we have already gone many times and I know him very well, he comes from giving us 1 red in the last game of all against all, with only 2 cards (something very out of the ordinary in him and that had us accustomed, of course the match was between 2 teams that did not play anything) their numbers: 11,7,8,8,11,9,4,7,2 we would see 7 green of 9 possible, has an average of 7.4 cards per game, an excellent average for our pick. I trust him again since I've known him for a long time and he's a clearly over referee, with his numbers in this league if he played 100 games, in 77 we would see the green, then if or if he causes me to enter him.
Our recommendation tip for Millonarios - U. Magdalena: Millonarios to win @ 1,41