MADNESS to England Play-off promotion! Crystal Palace match win in overtime 160m and will play next year with United and City:

Crystal-Palace-1 Crystal Palace team who sent him on Wilfried Zaha from Manchester United, Sir Alex kid bought 20 million, went into overtime for Watford 1-0, and will play in the Premier League next season. The team coached by Ian Holloway managed to score the only goal of the match from a penalty won by Zaha even. Phillips shot from 11 meters and triggered fiesta at Wembley. Who beat in this match will have a huge surprise in mind! It will take 3 times as much as a winning Liga for a perfect season among rich! Final play-off for promotion to the Premier League is one of the most asteptatejocuri of the year in England. Watford and Crystal Palace fight off 160 million all at Wembley, where it took place and the final Champions League. Besides the 70 million they will get from TV rights awards and even come back after only one season in the Championship, the winners gathered up from 65 million parachute Payments stability fund distributed over a period of 4 years. That calculation without receipts and sponsorship contracts, and they to an estimated 25 million. This season, Watford's revenues were 13 million euros, while Palace earned 6 million more. The money represents only a small part of the budget that it will be and plan for next year. "When I went to Blackpool, it was about 100 million euro. Everything revolves around money in this game, in this division. For that and want businessmen to buy Clubs Championship. Playoff for Premier League is the biggest match in world football, "said coach Palace, Ian Holloway. Londoners are sure that fans will see weekend after weekend on United, Chelsea, City or Arsenal Selhust Park. Instant exhausted the 33,000 tickets that were distributed by the Football League. Additional applications for the number of seats to 50,000 have not been successful, considering that 33,000 have been distributed Watford supporters and 25,000 have returned to Club Wembley members.