Liverpool LIVE Picks

Liverpool Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool FC in short, is a football club from Liverpool, England, who plays in the Premier League. Since its founding in 1892, Liverpool won the largest number of UEFA Cups, Supercups Europe and League Cups. The club ground is Anfield stadium, with a capacity of 45 362 seats, located about three miles from downtown Liverpool. The club was founded on 15 March 1892 by John Houlding, the owner of Anfield. Houlding decided to form his own team after Everton left Anfield in an argument over rent. The original name was to be Everton F.C., but was changed to Liverpool F.C. (After F.A. refused to recognize the team as originally stated). The club was involved in two of the biggest tragedies in European football - at Heysel in 1985 and Hillsborough in 1989. After Heysel, English clubs have been prohibited from participating in European competitions for a period of five years, six for Liverpool .