Liverpool FC’s coach accuses arbitration in Europa League final

German-Juergen-Klopp English soccer coach Liverpool FC, German Juergen Klopp said he was disappointed after losing the Europa League final, before the Spaniards FC Sevilla (1-3) Wednesday night in Basel (Switzerland), also accusing arbitration brigade led by Swede Jonas Eriksson. "The first half was correct and we deserved to lead 1-0. At halftime, everyone was telling me two hands (the defense of FC Sevilla in the penalty area - There were decisions that were all against us. we lost many finals and we've never had decisions in my favor. this has not changed in this game, in which there were two decisions against us, a goal denied (that of Dejan Lovren for an offside Daniel Sturridge, 39 minutes - and one accepted them (the second scored by Coke, although no bull validating referee signaled a goal offside - But the first thing you need to do you do when you lose is to look primarily benefit your team. Now we are disappointed, we are frustrated, but tomorrow, when it will take some time, we will look at everything in a calmer manner and we can learn lessons necessary. we will dispute European competitions next season, but we can use this time to lead us, to prepare us, "said Klopp after the final in Basel. German technician, aged 48 years, lost on this occasion his fifth consecutive final, the last two with Liverpool FC, the team that took over in October last year. On 28 February the "cormorant" were defeated on penalties by Manchester City in the English League Cup final soccer. Previously, Klopp has led Borussia Dortmund German squad, which lost the Champions League final 2012/2013 edition (1-2 Bayern Munich) and two German Cups in 2013/214 editions (0-2 Bayern Munich) and 2014/2015 (1-3 with VfL Wolfsburg). In the final in Basel, FC Liverpool led at halftime after his success Sturridge in the 35th minute, but Sevilla have managed a half shorter excellent, they scored three times through Kevin Gameiro (46) and Coke (63, 70) thus entering the trophy. Sevilla FC won on this occasion, for the third year in a row Europa League, a competition that has won it five times in the last 10 years (2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016), a record for European football.