Linfield – Sutjeska Picks & Prediction Picks & Prediction

Linfield - Sutjeska Prediction, Picks and Tips

UEFA Europa League 3rd round rematch match Linfield home, Niksic will face. Linfield managed to win 2-1 away on the road.  

Linfield surprised all the authorities with a surprise win in the first match. Of course, Kirk Millar's share of the win is large. The Northern Ireland representative had a 2-1 win in the first game and had a significant advantage for the round. Even in any draw today, Linfield will have his name on the next round. On the weekend, Linfield, who passed the Institute with 3-0 in the home court, is in good spirits.

Niksic, as we know, was going on in the UEFA Champions League, but the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina who was eliminated in the 2nd round of APOEL Nicosia is now appearing in the UEFA Europa League. Last week, Niksic defeated Linfield 2-1 in the first field in the first match of the third round. Although they moved forward, they could not hold Kirk Millar and were defeated by defeat. To win the round today, they need to win 3-2 or more. It will also be enough for Niksic in a 2-0 win. Linfield opened the door of the tour with the advantageous score in the first match. Today, they become a party rising to a base tour by winning in the internal field.
Our recommendation tip for Linfield - Sutjeska : BTS / YES @ 1,62