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Kashima - Sagan Tosu Prediction, Picks and Taips

I want to thank the confidence that many of you have in my forecasts but the card market I think that in these times they are not the best option, if I am honest with you last July with all the leagues coming to an end and the amount of things that were at stake believed that it would be a great month for us and it has not been like that and this August even worse.

The situation we are experiencing with the pandemic is conditioning a lot the world of sports or at least soccer, which is what I follow, last month I have seen a few games and the truth is that without the pressure and the atmosphere of the fans Many matches that should have been high voltage have been decaffeinated and in many cases I have also noticed it in certain arbitration performances, usual leagues for me such as Romania, Portugal or Italy in general, their card billing has been much lower when by rule general at the end of the competitions that is when everything is decided certain duels should be well above the average and I say this because it is what gives me the experience I have from years ago. Having said all this, and until the stadiums return to normal, the card market, unless I see something that I really like, will be set aside for a while and there is no choice but to look for alternatives to try to save the month and try to get some coins. It is not a new league for me as I follow several teams from this country for different reasons. In this case we need the victory of kashima by more than 1 goal, the bet being void in case of achieving a victory by the minimum. After 8 rounds both teams in the middle / lower part of the classification with 7 points each. For someone who is not up to date on this league and sees the situation of these 2 teams, the first thing they will think is that it is a duel between 2 teams with little potential and that throughout the season they do not aspire to anything and The truth is that in the case of Sanga tosu except surprise it should be, in this team Fernando Torres was and last season they were fighting until the last days not to lose the category and to highlight something of them is that despite being one Some of the weakest teams in this league work quite well in defense and are not a team that fits in with thrashes.

Things change with Kashima since he is one of the best teams in this league and on the Asian continent, some of you will remember him for the great game he played against Real Madrid in the final of the Club World Cup I think I remember in 2016 and if memory does not fail me, real madrid has been re-measured in some other edition of the world cup. Kashima was continental champion in 2018 by winning the Asian Champions League and domestically in 2019 and 2018 he was 3rd in the league and 2nd in 2017. I have been looking for information before entering his victory and I have not found anything strange, therefore I want to think that it is a crisis of results and that with the passage of the days I should climb positions in the classification. Kashima lost the first 4 games and in the next 4 he left a balance of 2 win 1 draw 1 loss. From what I have commented at the beginning, it is not necessary for anyone to follow me since this month is going to be very complicated but if someone decides to do it, do not doubt at any time that each pick that I publish will be because I believe that it will come out ( something else will be what happens) In this case, the simple victory of the kashima has a very good share for those who like the combined ones. In my case, I go with this Handicap.
Our recommendation tip for Kashima - Sagan Tosu : Kashima to win @ 1.60