Jeonbuk – Daegu Picks & Prediction Picks & Prediction

Jeonbuk - Daegu Prediction, Picks and Taips

Hello, guys, well, we are back, why not? With the Korean League, which since its inception has provided us with 4 greens, which is appreciated. We are looking for the fifth.

Jeonbuk, 2 games 2 wins, but here we have to make a point, to be the current champion, his 2 wins at the beginning of the campaign have been quite agonizing. Against Suwon the victory (1-0) in the 86th minute, almost at the end of the match, and his last home against Busan, a newly promoted came victory (1-2) in the discount, min 95. Therefore we observe that it is a reliable team, but it costs a world to win the matches. Daegu, eighth, in the league follows the same trend as in the 2019 campaign. 2 games, 2 draws (1-1), (0-0), and follows the same trend, since it was the team that finished in 4 position, He tied more games, exactly 42% of his games, and as a visitor of the 17 he played, 7 ended in a tie, 40.6%. He won 6, giving us 34.8% and lost 4, 23,2%.

The last 5 games between them, 3 wins for Jeonbuk, 60% 1 draw, 20% and 1 victory for Daegu, 20%. In summary, we have the current champion, who wins, but it is very difficult for him to get the games ahead, and a Daegu, who survived and continues in the same line thanks to the ties. Jeonbuk, as champion, must win this match, and demonstrate why they are champions, and forcefully impose their best squad. In any case, his last 5 games give us that Jeonbuk, wins 60% of the games against Daegu, and that he loses or ties 20% of the games, so even with suffering, and risking a third consecutive victory, we we lean towards local victory.
Our recommendation tip for Jeonbuk - Daegu: Jeonbuk to win @ 1.61