Incredible scenes in England! West Ham’s fans smashed windows at United’s coach! What players did when they were attacked

Farewell-Upton-Park Evening celebration of West Ham was turned into a demonstration ugly! West Ham play the last match on the stadium Upton Park, but fans have ruined the celebration by attacking the coach of Manchester United. The police intervened and got a beating overall. Scheduled 21:45 start of the match was postponed to 22:30. West Ham will play London's Olympic Stadium next season. "It was an experience too were gone, coach ours was broken, but we managed to get safely to the stadium. It's disappointing for me what happened. I think the players and West Ham are disappointed, it's a great evening for the club, not it was time for it, "said Wayne Rooney. West Ham officials have criticized those at United because they arrived late at the stadium. "This incident could have been avoided if arrived on time."