Huge fine in the Premier League! Bournemouth has to pay 10 million euros for breaching Financial Fair-Play’s!

Bournemouth-3 Bournemouth's bosses will have to pay 7.6 million pounds, about 9.7 million euros for breaking the rules Financial Fair-Play's after last season accumulated huge debts in their attempt to reach Premier League announce the BBC. England forums have confirmed the size of the penalty, but they came out accumulated losses of Bournemouth in season 2014-2015, during the team evolve Championship: 38.3 million pounds, about 50 million. Neither the 2013-2014 season the club's financial policy has not been positive. Bournemouth came out in the red by 10.3 million pounds, mainly due to staff salaries but also expensive acquisitions that have increased spending team to over 30 million pounds. Eventually, the band's Eddie Howe finished first in Championship and promoted to the Premier League, but with huge debts. Bournemouth loss far exceeded the limit stipulated by regulation and who stands at 6 million pounds per season Three other teams in the Championship, Bolton, Fulham and Nottingham Forest have banned all transfers because of similar problems. According to other official documents Bournemouth it has spent £ 4.6 million to modernize the stadium and bring it to the standards imposed by the Premier League. With two rounds before the end of the season in England, Bournemouth is in 15th place in the Premier League and escaped relegation worries.