How could Tottenham to take a “sliver” of proportions because of Gareth Bale

Gareth-Bale Gareth Bale, the most expensive transfer in football history, was a Tottenham Hotspur player who wanted to escape at all costs in 2008, aiming to transfer him to several teams. Martin Jol coached the German team Hamburger SV, tells that in 2008, the team coached by him has been proposed to buy it on Bale in exchange for 5 million pounds. The Tottenham were unhappy with his performances and numerous injuries series that was affected, which puts in doubt the further development. Jol knew what player is Bale, because he was the one who had moved to Tottenham from Southampton in 2007 for the sum of 7 million pounds. "For Hamburg was a large sum and therefore we asked if we can take on loan, but was turned down. Tottenham continued to propose it and other clubs. Fortunately for them, no one bought," the Jol told the Daily Mail. Five years later, the Welshman was transferred to Real Madrid in exchange for 100 million euros, which is the most expensive transfer in football history.