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Genoa - Juventus Prediction, Picks and Tips

Italy Serie A match between Genoa, thirteenth in the league, and Juventus, first place in the competition. After 27 days of league played, the average of goals of the Serie A is 2.65 per game after 269 games played (714 goals), with 49% of games in which both teams do not score.

The dominance of Juve in the last 7 years in Serie A is absolute with 7 consecutive scudetto, and this year they are on track to take another league, also improving the numbers of any of those championships. After 27 days they have accumulated 24 victories and only 6 points have been left on the road, with one more season being the less beaten team of Serie A, as has happened in the last 7 seasons. In this period they have played 293 matches, conceding 179 goals, with an average of 0.61 goals received per game, this year 17 received in 27 matches, conceding 0.63 goals per game. Also with 57% of matches in which both teams do not score in their games in this period of 7 seasons plus the current one. This year they have scored always, leaving their goal to zero in 14 games. As visitors, 7 of 13.

On the home side, Genoa, after 27 games played this season, in 9 games did not score a goal both teams. At home 5 out of 14. In the H2H, 15 matches between both teams in Serie A since 2011, with 9 games without goals from both teams. In Genoa, 4 out of 7. With this data I bet that at least one of the teams does not score goals in the match.
Our recommendation tip for Genoa - Juventus: Juventus to win @ 1.54