Concordia – U Craiova 1948 CS Picks & Prediction Picks & Prediction

Concordia - U Craiova 1948 CS Prediction, Picks and Tips

For this forecast I had to go by bus to Romania. Nah I'm kidding this part. But yes, we go to the I League of Romania to see one of the teams that preach the most beautiful football in that country, that of the Universitatea Craiova. For those who do not know, I present them: a project that is based on, literally, "being La Masía" of Romania. And I do not say it. This was announced by the president when the project began and, among other things, brought the Italian Devis Mangia as DT.

As an example, to say that his captain, symbol and most valuable player is a flyer 10 of those who no longer exist, who steps on and gives many assists, but who is only 23 years old: Alexandru Mitrita. Craiova's project has already led them to win the Romanian Cup last season, and in the season is barely beginning to start the engines. Visit to Concordia. Concordia is one of the smallest clubs in the League I. Progressively saving itself from the relegation, this season has been fatally armed, and logically the results are not happening.

One of the things that I do not like is that they have a very short and very veteran squad, plus Munteanu (DT) does not like to rotate. They always play the same 11, always enter the same 3 of the bench. Predictable equipment like few. Try to grow on your court, but leave spaces. The university picture (visit) is one of the most offensive and spicy in the league, and has 3 attack players who are pure dynamite: Mitrita, who despite playing behind the 9 is the top scorer (10 goals), Koljic, which is 9 and a tower; and Bancu, another Romanian kid. To all this we must add the tactical pressure exercised by Fedele and Cicaldau, the team's orchestra directors, who play as pivots. Cicaldau, also, one of the best quiet ball hitters in the entire league. In short, I see much better than "The Romanian farmhouse" in front of his rival on duty. A victory for the minimum would give us null and if it wins by 2 or more goals (as I foresee) it would offer us a green to good quota.
Our recommendation tip for Concordia - U Craiova 1948 CS : U Craiova 1948 CS win @ 1.70