Carrying the incredible score in the Premier League. Liverpool lost the match at 2-0 day

liperpool Liverpool FC match day gave England the match against Southampton FC jersey in which he lost while leading 2-0 in 64 minutes. The goals were scored by guests Coutinho and Sturridge in 17 and 32 minutes, the score was kept till the break, offering quiet cormorants. No one could imagine what was going on but in the 64th minute onwards. But it must be said, first, that Mane missed a penalty for the group's Gardos in 49 minutes. However, the same Mane was revenge, with two goals scored in minutes 64 and 86, the latter being the winning goal and the hosts. The third goal was scored by Pelle in 83 minutes. Liverpool lost the match that I had in hand at a time, Slovak defender Skrtel decisively wrong in all 3 of his successful Soton. In the ranking, LFC is 9th with 44 points, while Southampton climb 7 with 47 points.