Bournemouth LIVE Picks

afc bournemouthAFC Bournemouth is a football club in Bournemouth, England, who plays in the Premier League. Bournemouth was founded in 1890 as the Boscombe Athletic, but in 1972 changed its name. Then it began and the true history of the club, which was even coached by Harry Redknapp in 1984, a win against Manchester United in the FA Cup. Bournemouth band who six years ago was in collapse, which received a penalty of 17 points and was preparing to pull the shutters, now plays with 150 million euros on the table. The little band can insure their promotion tonight for the first time in Premier League history, the most expensive and watched the championship of the planet. A team whose best performance was a 10th place in the second league now has a chance to make history. Bournemouth plays for Bolton promotion, formation located only ranked 18th in the Championship. But the club has a crazy story, after six years in the last minute was saved from bankruptcy. Penalized by 17 points in 2009 because of debts, English, coached by Eddie Howe cvasianonimul have managed to stay in the fourth league, premier league considered professional. Miraculously they survived with the help of footballers who put passion beyond money and even managed to promote next year. Luck was linked later, that's right, a Russian businessman and love for football. Not even a Roman Abramovich, but a man with hand release, which has allowed the second league to make transfers of up to £ 3 million. A team with a stadium "only" 12 thousand seats, which would make him one of the lowest in the history of the Premier League, Bournemouth has come to enjoy the unconditional support of the people of the small town on the south coast, which already dreaming with open eyes in duels with Wenger and Mourinho.