Barcelona – Manchester Utd Picks & Prediction Picks & Prediction

Barcelona - Manchester Utd Prediction, Picks and Tips

UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals Round of the rematch on Tuesday evening, Tuesday, April 16 at the Camp Nou Stadium with Manchester United, Manchester United, the top round will fight.

Barcelona continues to win under the leadership of Ernesto Valverde. Spain La Liga step by step into the championship step by step home, the last 6 weeks of the league entered the nearest competitor was able to open 9 points difference. Champions League Quarter Final Tour, the first match of the Manu displacement of Barcelona, ​​despite the displacement disadvantage of the 1-0 win gave a great advantage. Barça, who will be in front of the rematch match, was defeated only by the Real Betis in front of his supporter both in the league and in the Champions League. Barcelona supporters who succeeded to be very effective if he got back from his supporters did not leave the tour in front of his supporters after the first match won 1-0. Exhibition Roberto, Ivan Rakitic, Thomas Vermaelen's situation remains unclear.

After reaching an agreement with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United did not succeed in maintaining this series. In the Premier League, only two times in the last 16 weeks, the guest team defeated a strong opponent like the PSG in the Champions League. In the last round Manu's first test against Barcelona in the inner field, Manu, supporters despite the support of his strong opponent 1-0 defeated and challenging top of the road left the challenge of Barcelona. I think the guest team will fight as far as they can. However, Solskjaer and his students have not yet reached the level that could displace Barcelona. The guest team doesn't have a Luce Shaw team. I think the two strongest teams who want to print their name to the top are going to score goals on the opposing nets.
Our recommendation tip for Barcelona - Manchester Utd : Barcelona to win @ 1,38