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arsenalArsenal Football Club, also known as Arsenal London or Arsenal, is a professional football club in North London, England. Club football is known world by the nickname "The Gunners (Gunners)". Evolving in the Premier League and is one of the most successful football clubs in England, winning the national championship 13 times (Footbal League and Premier League) and ten times FA Cup. Arsenal Club was founded on February 16, 1886, but nevertheless won the first major trophy until the '30s. After a period of decline after World War II, it became the second club of the twentieth century who won a double (both championship and FA Cup) in 1970-71 season, and in the last twenty years has been one of the leading clubs in English football - in this time Arsenal won two double champion title in 2004 without defeat and Champions League in the 2005-2006 season became the first team to reach the final in London. Traditional club colors are red and white, although they have evolved throughout history. The club also changed its location; the club was originally founded in Woolwich, south-east London, but in 1913 was moved to the north at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury district. In 2006 the club was moved to the current stadium, the Emirates. Arsenal has a large base of fans, and is in rivalry with several other clubs; The most notable is with neighbors Tottenham Hotspur match between the two teams called the North London derby.