Alcorcon – Numancia Picks & Prediction Picks & Prediction

Alcorcon - Numancia Prediction, Picks and Tips

The Alcorcón will receive Numancia in its stadium on this anticipated day of Liga Smart Bank. The potters are ranked 13th in the standings with a total of 28 points just like Rayo Vallecano. So they are in a complex situation, just 5 points from playoff positions but 6 points down. The Madrid have achieved 6 wins, 10 draws and 6 losses with a baggage of 23 goals scored by 24 against. Opposite the Soriano box, located in position 8 of the classification just one point in the area that gives access to playoffs. Multiple tie between Elche who is seventh, Numancia eighth and Mirandés ninth, with 32 points. The baggage of the Numantinos are 8 wins, 8 draws, 6 losses. With 26 goals in favor by 22 against.

He has played 10 games away from home, has won 2 times and has drawn 5 times, with a total of 3 losses. Far from Soria, it falls a bit whole, although it "remains" being a very balanced block, its version is less offensive but punctuates a lot after all. However, Alcorcón is registering an extraordinary number of points in its visits, it is an excellent visitor but an irregular local. In Santo Domingo at home he has played 11 games with a total of 11 points. His baggage are 3 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses with a total of 10 goals scored by 16 against. At home it is most uncertain due to its irregularity, however outside home it accumulates 8 draws. This time the foreign Numancia has to win, but the statistics do not accompany any. The Sorianos will try to score at all costs with their 5 draws already accumulated as foreign.

In the particular H2H, of the 7 visits to pottery lands, Numancia has won 4 draws and 3 victories. The last victory of Alcorcón al Numancia was for 2011-2012. The last 5 matches of Alcorcón are summarized in defeats and draws. Link 7 days with draws and victories. Now he lives in a more negative dynamic, with draws and losses, they were also off the King's Cup. The last 5 matches of Numancia ended with alternate victories and defeats, were eliminated from the cup. He accumulated up to 5 consecutive draws as a visitor. Much equality for this meeting, sign tables.
Our recommendation tip for Alcorcon - Numancia: BTS / NO @ 1.63