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What is 1x2 bets?

1x2 bets are one of the most basic types of bets in the world. This type of bet is very popular nowadays because it is based on the simple way to pick a winner or a tie. The number 1 means the team "A", the X means a tie and the number 2 is for the opposing team. For example: Real Madrid X FC Barcelona, must choose a selection for this match, Real Madrid represents 1, the X draw and the number 2 is for FC Barcelona.

Betting 1x2 is easy. It is a type of bet basic that should be learned by most bettors. In 1x2picks.co we offer help for people who do not know how to make these bets with our betting tips 1x2. It is very easy and is not required to use statistics to read our tips.

You can profit with 1x2 bets

Like any other type of betting, winnings are possible as long as professional tips are followed. We at 1x2picks.co are the ones to guide you through the process of profit using our betting tips 1x2. By following our recommendations to the letter you will profit in the short and medium term.

You must have a money management system to keep control over the amount of money that you can bet with 1x2 tips. We tell our users to be careful with the amount of money they use to gamble. Sports betting is an investment, its are a way to generate money for economic freedom. Our tips 1x2 guarantee profits but that does not mean we will take care how you spend your money.

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